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Duo Petrof´s Albums


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Duo Petrof: Martinu, Mendelssohn, Poulenc and arrangements.

Playaudio, 2019

A celebration of the 15th anniversary of Duo Petrof, with a selection of some of their best recordings.

Duo Petrof plays Ant. Petrof

Columna Musica, 2017

Four hands piano music performed by Anatoly Zatin and Vlada Vassilieva.

“While it is true that the piano has enjoyed a relevant place among keyboard instruments thanks to its sound and expressive capacities, the piano duo allows exploring with a greater intensity the wide range of resources of the pianistic language. The piano duet nourishes on both original repertoire and arrangements of works from other genres. Thus, the transcription for piano duo is profiled as a work of supreme musical refinement that requires, in addition, a deep knowledge of the particularities of the ensemble.”

Rogelio Álvarez

88x2 Music for two pianos

Columna Musica, 2013

“In the diversity that the present musical production offers, one of its unifying ideas is the employ of arrangement or transcription, used here as a resource and also as a specific genre. Therefore, the original works are transformed according to the tastes and technical challenges sought after by the arrangers and performers, and only a few of the compositions chosen by Duo Petrof are performed in the composers’ original version. Undoubtedly, this still little frequented repertoire for two pianos not only showcases the virtuosity of the pianists but urges us to learn and enjoy more of it.”

Elena Kopylova